The Story of the Man Who Didn’t Like Kanye


>Didn’t pay much attention to kanye but hated him in a bandwagon kinda way
> South park episode came on, lots of laughs “so true” shit
>Taylor swift accident made me “hate” him more
>One time me and a friend went to kmart
>Bought MBDTF
>threw it in the trash
>Lots of likes on the FB
>Cuz it’s cool af 2 hate on Ye
>Would sometimes talk about how shitty kanye was
>Music wise too even though I never listened to him
>other than radio singles ofcourse
>one day recently Kanverted friend talked about 808’s
>”my favorite album of all time” he says
>lol no face
>went home, Did some research on 808’s
>not that many people liked it
>I’m not liking it either.
>cool af not 2 listen to kanye
>Since everyone’s doing it im doing it too
>friend keeps bugging me about kanye
>he recently listened to the entire discography 
>his mind blown and he wants to share it with me
>lol no face.
>told him kanye’s a gayfish
>doesn’t talk to me for the rest of the day
>whatever kanye makes dumb music so I’m not bothered
>decided to do some more research on kanye
>ended up going on yahoo 
>u already no how this goes
>Made me not want to listen to kanye even more
>Next day I go over to my freinds house
>Go to his room and we talk and hang
>”yo can i put on some music”
>as long as it’s not kanye im fine bruh
>he puts on breathe in breathe out without telling me it was kanye
>Coolest shit I heard in a while
>the beat was raw af
>holy shit ludas on this track
>Kanye rapping but didn’t recognize his voice, but it fitted well with the beat
>sounded really good and I started to get chills
>Friend had a nice ass speaker so the bass was on point
>I in dire need of more music from this guy
>Friend tells me it’s kanye
>???lol no
>???srsly no
>???wat no
>???Kanye whut
>go home and listen to breathe in breathe out hella.
>I’m in fucking shock that this was kanye
>kanye produced it himself too
>He makes his own beats?
>still in shock I wiki college dropout
>”critically acclaimed”
>oh fuck……..
>Download spotify and decided to listen to college dropout
>introduction is funny af
>we don’t care was just …. it was so refreshing 
>mind you, I listened to radio music strictly
>Every track on there was amazing af
>Gotta listen to Late regeistration


>the whole album got me sweating bruh
>chills all the way through
>ends nicely with late.
>listen to some of it and realized that stronger and good life was by kanye
>My mind was fucking blown
>I finally reach 808’s.
>it’s like midnight and I’m scared to listen to it
>but heard that my freind put that on the top of his list
>Say you will…shit.
>Whole album was sad af
>didn’t get me as hyped but when I listened to it more I realized how deep it was
>Did some research while i was listening
>found out about kanye’s mom and his fiance
>The album started to make sence
>A broken man
>I started feeling alot of feelings over that album 
>what kanye had to go through mustve been tough af
>i’m a mommas boy myself and if I lost her
>that would be fucking hell.
>ends with pinachio story
>actually went to bed crying that night, whole album got me feeling some kinda wey
>next day decided to listen to MBDTF
>Thought it was going to be in the same spirit as 808’s
>click the first track on spotify “dark fantasy”
>the fuck? nicki minaj
>hated nicki minaj at that point of my life so I started doubting quickly
>until the beat came.


>every track was fucking insane
>production was going at 500 mph
>couldn’t even handle so many things going on at the same time
>Finally became converted
>Apologized to friend and realized that kanye was a musical genious
>I remember last year I went over to his house when yeezus leaked and we both went fucking crazy on it
>good ass times
>wiating patiently for 7th solo

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